Name: Willie J. Thomas, Jr.
Road Name: Razor
Iron Horse: 2014 H-D Limited

I am originally from St. Louis, MO, I am a Viet Nam veteran having served two tours during my 10 years in the US Army, 19 years as a member of the MO State Highway Patrol and I retired in 2010 as a Transportation Security Inspector with the Department of Homeland Security. I first started riding seriously in 2006 when I moved to Arkansas and purchased a 2006 H-D Heritage Softail. Thereafter I discovered the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club and became a Probie with the Little Chapter in 2007 and a full member shortly thereafter. I have known of the Buffalo Soldiers all my life due to the service of my favorite Uncle with the 10th Cavalry during WWII and my own research while in the US Army stationed in Fort Huachuca, AZ. I could think of no better way to pay homage to my family members and all the African American men and women who have proudly served and sacrificed in service to our country. Now that I am retired I have all the time I need to ride and continue to honor those true heroes by keeping their memories and accomplishments alive in the minds of generations to come. I feel strongly that we have to return to the old ways and teach our children who they are and where they come from. Most importantly show them that the real heroes are not the athletes, musicians and actors who hit it big due to their God given talent but those people in their households and neighborhoods that struggle every day to provide for their families and give them the opportunity to do even better.