Name: Lessa Lowe
Road Name: Lifesaver
Iron Horse: 2012 Honda Goldwing Trike

I am the BSMC of Little Rock, Vice-President. My career of choice is nursing, hence the name “Lifesaver.” At age thirteen, I worked all summer to buy a Yellow Yamaha 80 cc motorcycle for an unheard of bargain of three hundred dollars. I raised three beautiful children Diedra, Corey, and Johnishia as a single-divorced parent. No empty nest syndrome here, first on my list get back on the Iron Horse. I did just that within a weeks’ time frame I purchased a new red truck and red motorcycle. It was as though I never took a break from riding, just came natural to me. Currently, I have eight grandchildren and I get “Kool” points because Mamaw rides a motorcycle. (LOL) I traveled over seven year as a travel nurse all over the United States. I also have degrees in Administration of Justice and General Education Educator. Currently, I am attending University of New York in pursue of a Masters in Nursing Education. I have always been in or around the military so when I got the chance to work with the Veterans, I jumped right into it running. I am a Veteran Health Administrator Nurse and I love it. Spending time out in the surrounding communities is a passion I carry to better this corner of the south. So I purchased a National Historical Home, “Dr. Witt House” circa 1906 just five miles from the Historical Central High School. I became a member of the National Historic Preservation society to save our rich history. Becoming a “Buffalo Soldier” has become a gateway to teach the history to all walks of life and ages. Although, my ethnicity is Irish/Cherokee Indian I make it a point to understand the struggles of all people. Seeing such a diverse group of individuals coming together as “One Mind, One Club, One Mindset” tells the world we are all one!